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Welcome to the Food & Beverage Network

We’re your source for fine foods and beverages from around the world. Food & Beverage Network is an international importer and brand management corporation based in Canada. Food & Beverage Network provides airline industries with premium, international food and beverages. Today, first class international and domestic air travelers expect a premium experience when traveling, including delicious international cuisine and premium beverages. Air charter companies like to pamper their charter business jet clients as well. This is the heart of Food & Beverage Network’s business. We provide the airline industry with luxury food and beverages from around the globe.

Airline Foodies Rejoice!
Some travelers love airline food! It might sound weird but there’s a growing group of airline food fans out there and the producers of airline food have taken notice. In fact, one airline food company received so many calls from airline “foodies” that they have turned it into a new business. An online produce company called allyouneed.com has teamed up with the German airline Lufthansa to package airline food for delivery to homes in Germany. The spin-off company is called Air Food One and they are packaging some of the favorite meals served in Lufthansa’s business class. That’s right; you can now have your favorite in-flight meal delivered to your home (if you live in Germany, that is). The company claims the meals are delivered fresh and ready to heat up and are really tasty. The idea sounds good, particularly if you’re a busy parent or a single guy that doesn’t know how to cook. Those who crave airline food are sure to rejoice. I wonder if they’ll throw in a free bag of peanuts too.

Types of International Cuisine Offered –

Food & Beverage Network caters to a wide variety of discerning palettes. Some of the categories represented in the international menu include: Italian, European, Asian and French. These premade, fresh, gourmet meals will be sure to please your clients. Prepared by expert chefs they are ready to heat and serve in-flight. This makes in-flight catering a breeze for your air charter clients or for airlines. Whether you need in-flight food for 10 or 100, Food & Beverage Network can provide you with delicious food your clients will enjoy. Some of the dishes on our international menu include:
Italian –
Caprese Salad.
Cacciucco (Tuscan Seafood Stew).
Braciola (Italian Beef Rolls in Tomato Sauce).

Asian –
Asian Greens and Garlic Sauce.
Asian Noodle Soup
Grilled Chicken with Asian Slaw Panini
General Tso's Chicken

French –
Tartiflette (French Bacon, Potato, and Reblochon Casserole)
Pommes Duchesse (French Piped Potatoes)
Cornflake-Crusted Brioche French toast

European –
Greek Mac and Cheese
Paprikás Csirke (Chicken Paprikash)
Graupensuppe (German Barley Soup)

Wines & Drink Menu Samples: (Subject to change)
Château Saint-André Corbin
Château Picque Caillou
Hard Apple Cider
Varieties of Frosty Frozen Cocktails
Variety of Soft drinks
Sparkling water

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