Places to visit when you are hungry in New York

New York has so many new places pop up when it comes to its cuisine that keeping up with the Kardashians would be an easier task than the list of new amazing places. While we won’t write about all of them we will keep this list short and place some of our favorites that everyone should visit when they stay in New York.

Eleven Madison Park

The service in Eleven Madison Park is beyond what you will ever experience in any other restaurant. The shear extra mile they take here to make you feel at home and somewhere new at the same time is astounding. The main chef is Swiss and he is in charge of the newest revamp of the whole progressive style of service you will get here. A must visits for everyone


Masa Takayama a world renown chef has opened a restaurant named Masa in New York and its exquisite. The dining experience is out of this world and the chef does not overcharge for his meals one bit. People who know how to cook will notice the painstaking labor that is required to make everyday meals that are being served in this place, but while most of the population would struggle the chefs in Masa can do it with ease, and grace. A priceless endeavor that every visitor should experience.

Restaurantas in New York

 Di Fara Pizza

While the Pizza might have originated in Italy, it was perfected in New York. The Neapolitan thin crusts with the finest parmesan are just the tip of the iceberg you will find in Di Fara Pizza. Everything is fresh in here except the service that is completely old school and just has that ring of home. The menu is also kids friendly which makes this high-end restaurant a fine dining experience for a family.

Sushi Nakazawa

No dining list would be complete without some the awesome food that is sushi. Daisuke Nakazawa is the master of the kitchen here and he will be in charge for one of the best sushi bars in the whole New York city. The minimum you would want to eat here are 20 pieces of sushi, but it’s not uncommon to go for double that amount while it’s made under the steady hand of Daisuke Nakazawa.