Five examples of remarkable hospitality service that will make your social media work for you

Social media raises the stakes when it comes to the hospitality industry. In this industry, people can easily show off their satisfaction or dissatisfaction when it comes to the service they got in a certain hospitality establishment. Let’s take hotel and dining experiences. While in the past people who would travel would end up in a hotel, and if they had a negative or positive experience, they would only be able to share it with their friends, which is not a big group. This would either make the business a few more people or lose them only a handful of guests. The dining experience is the same, people who had a bad or a good dining experience would only share it if somebody asked them what they think of a certain restaurant.

Social media changes everything. When social media hit the scene the moment somebody had a bad or a good experience they could “tweet it” or ” take an Instagram picture” of the situation and be able to reach thousands of people within minutes.

For this reason, it’s important to show off all your good service skills every time and to keep it consistent as the world remembers negative publicity far better than positive.

for that reason, here are 5 examples of remarkable hospitality service that every establishment should practice


1) Greeting the guests

This small thing can take your establishment a big distance. Greeting the guest does not cost anything, but makes the guest feel special and cared for.

2) Have a social media account

Having a social media account gives you the opportunity where people can share their positive experiences, and where you can reach a crowd far greater than with the old media formats.

3) Get free amenities

AmenitiesEveryone likes free stuff. Whenever there are free amenities with a message encouraging the guest to take them the guests feel a sense of connectivity with the establishment where they want to return later. Just imagine if with your coffee you offered a small piece of chocolate or a cookie, how small and insignificant that can be for your company while for others it can make or break a deal where they would spend their coffee money.

4) Have pleasant music playing in all areas

Music is something that we take for granted. It can make a sad person happy again, or it can help people feel young while they are growing older. Having low volume music playing in every area can help people make a connection with the establishment where they will want to come back again

5) Give them 5 minutes of your time

While giving everyone 5 minutes would result in a whole day, ascertaining which people really could use your 5 minutes is essential. The 5 minutes that your workers can give the guest in every hospitality establishment can go a long way towards increasing customer loyalty.