The best hotels in NYC

When it comes to the capital of the world, which is New York, there are more offers than in any other city no matter what your desire is. If you are looking for a hotel we have more than a few that would make it on our list, but we have to settle for the top 5 in our honest opinion.

Soho House New York

Soho House New York

When you make a reservation at Soho it’s like you are staying in your home, only if your home was a 5-star hotel with servants. The design is amazing and its velvet interior makes the exposed brick come to life. It feels intimate and while it comes as highly recommended it’s not as exclusive and expansive as one might think.

The Greenwich Hotel

With its signature Tibetan silk rig and its Moroccan tiles, the hotel just smells of culture and amazing uniqueness. It’s filled with symbols and items from all over the world, making it one of the more unique types of hotels you will visit in your life. The luxury here is just amazing and should be a place for everyone to come and enjoy its magnificence at least once in a lifetime.

Crosby Street Hotel

When it comes to a core representation of the modern English design, the Crosby takes 1st place. The founder was brit and the hotel were made in his vision. With artwork from all over the world, the feeling when you stay in this hotel might remind you of Soho but with a bit posher.

The Bowery Hotel

The Bowery hotel has a gothic vibe from the nineteenth century. But if you ask us, that’s what sets it apart from the rest. The dark wood and the oriental rugs make the feeling of an old-yet-classy present in every room you enter. Additionally, every painting is an oil painting which makes this hotel expand its gothic vibe not just in its halls but also in the rooms you stay in as well.

NoMad New York

The French designer Jacques Garcia is responsible for bringing Paris to NY. The NoMad was opened in 2012 and ever since then both locals and the tourists from Europe loved staying in it. It has a lounge Casablanca in the 70s feeling. With its dark wood and a huge fireplace, it’s no wonder that people who book a room here feel the vintage mixed with its recent culture trends.